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TCC Recovery Group

The TCC Recovery Group is committed to assisting individuals in their path to recovery. Our support encompasses various 12-step programs, including Wellbrity, the Native American 12-steps of recovery. Whether or not you personally struggle with substance misuse, you are still invited to show up, to show your support of your fellow students. We hold weekly meetings every Wednesday at noon in building 8, room 3.

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Contacts for TCC Recovery Group

Check out these upcoming events from the TCC Recovery Student Community

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May 1st, will be resource fair where students can discover available support for themselves or their loved ones, here on campus and out in the community. Additionally, there will be Narcan training conducted by Public Campus Safety, teaching students and staff how to administer this life-saving medication safely. Pre-registration for the training will be sent out later. 


May 2nd, will feature speaker panels from AA and NA. This is something that nursing students at PLU receive all the time. These panels will offer insights into the nature of these programs, dispelling myths and providing valuable perspectives, a medical point of view. Of course, there will be delicious food.

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