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It's pretty apparent that TCC is an exceptionally diverse campus, with people from every corner of the globe, and to celebrate that diversity there's ICC.

What is ICC?

ICC is a space where students can learn about identity, biases, systems of power, antiracism, LGBT advocacy, intersectionality, social justice, and allyship through workshops, discussions, and guest speaker presentations.

Why should you join?

ICC offers you a great opportunity to practice your communication skills, expand your network, engage in discussions with different identities and cultures, and deepen your sense of belonging at TCC. At the end of this workshop, you will get a certification for your resume or portfolio and some other goodies!

What does it cost?

  • ICC is FREE for all students! We will provide dinner for all attendees and all the materials you need, plus drinks and snacks.

Our favorite past events

John Bunn 11 x 17 Final (1).png

Having been wrongfully convicted of murder and having to endure 17 years imprisonment. John Bunn has had a long hard fought battle with the justice system and it's with the lessons he's learned from that experience he brings to his work with A Voice for the Unheard, a nonprofit that works to provide easy access to more diverse libraries in prisons as well as educating and empowering youth to avoid getting caught up in the criminal justice system.  

Winter Quarter Events

The topic of the United States' role in the transatlantic slave trade can be very emotional for people to have an honest and transparent discussion around how it has shaped racial tensions in this country. However tough these conversations may be we'll never be able to move forward without having them. 

ICC invites you to an impactful interactive workshop with Artist in Residence C. Rosalind Bell where she gives us a deeper historical look into slavery as it took shape in Louisiana and it's impact on to how we view race today.

Interested in celebrating diversity with us?

Contact ICC Ambassadors

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