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Student Nurses Organization (SNO)

President - Lindsey Hatch

Vice President - Belinda Laju

Treasurer/Secretary - Marissa Bernhofer

Advisor - Megan Arzola

How to join

  1. Write an Email to the president of the Student Nurses Organization at ​

  2. Title your email "Student Nurses Organization Club"

  3. Tell them that you would like to join the Student Nurses Organization.

Mission Statement

SNO's goals include engaging nursing students, pre-nursing students, and prospective nursing students in activities such as visits from residency programs, BSN programs, and former TCC nursing students. We also share information to each other to be successful in becoming confident and safe nurses. 

Contact the Club Outreach Specialist

Contact the Student Nurses Organization

Lindsey Hatch:

Kathleen Petrich: 

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