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Wildfin American Grill

Located on the iconic location of Tacoma’s Waterfront with a beautiful view, and wonderfully dining ambiance Wildfin American Grill is a great dining location that offers delicious food, friendly service and that is worth the price. With a wide variety of appetizing dishes for their lunch and dinner menus you’re sure to find something that will become your favorite go too meal to treat yourself to. 

My wife and I recently dined there for our anniversary, and from the moment we walked through the door until the time we left, we felt like we were dining at a 4-star restaurant with its awesome wait staff who was always on hand to ensure our dining experience was as delightful as the food. With so many things that await you to try out on the lunch and dinner menu the most daunting thing is figuring out where to begin. I finally opted for the Miso Black Cod which came with soy and sesame marinade, shitake harvest grain risotto, sesame spinach, and miso maple sauce. The fillet was flaky along with the soy and sesame marinade which left its mark not only on the Cod fillet but through the risotto creating a wonderful symphony of flavors. 


My wife had the Northwest Seafood Fettucine Alfredo, which came with smoked salmon, Alaskan white fish, prawns, fresh spinach, mushrooms, roasted peppers, and shaved parmesan. It had a wonderful smoky bacony (yes, it's a word today) flavor. Now if that wasn’t enough to get your mouth watering, let’s talk appetizers. We started with the Rosemary potato bread, which came with both sweet fig and chive butter. And before you ask, yes, we packed up what was left (including the butter) and took it home; bread and all. We also tried the Beef sliders, three hefty and succulent sliders made of thinly shaved natural beef featuring horseradish aioli, and crispy buttermilk onions all on Schwartz Brothers Bakery brioche buns. 

Ok, stop drooling people and pay attention. You may already be thinking, how much is all this good food going to cost me? Well for two entrees, two appetizers and drinks along with a tip (the waiter fully deserved it) was only $110. That may still sound like a lot, but the quality and taste of anything you order in this writer's honest opinion is worth it, besides you’re a hardworking student and you owe it to yourself to treat yourself. You’ll thank me later. So go ahead, gather several of your friends to split the bill and enjoy!

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