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With all great games there are several elements that have to be there in order for it to be truly great. The storyline has to be on point, otherwise you may as well just be playing Frogger on a Atari 2600; the graphics have to likewise be on point, and it has to have a playability level that keeps you coming back over and over again. Sifu does all that and more by toying with our action adventure nostalgia of beat 'em ups like Double Dragon, Fists of Rage and other OG games some of us may remember from when we were little.

What's most promising about this game as the ultimate 'beat 'em up' for 2023 is that it can be a very unforgiving game, even on the easiest setting the games AI enemies are tough and cunning, some will launch objects at you all the while testing your ability to avoid being hit or surrounded. The boss battles are even more exceptional in that they are nail bitingly challenging even with the many upgrades you will be able to give to your character. The storyline also kept the game interesting as you work your way up the ladder of mini and main bosses each just as challenging as the next. The developers even added an extra layer of difficulty as any particular enemy can at any point become a mini boss. 

This game definitely ranks high as button smashing stress reliever. 


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