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Senate Meeting Brief

The past few ASTCC Senate meetings saw several positive and uplifting agendas past in order to better serve the student body. two recent things heard and later approved on went to assist both the BSU personal item drive and the Titan Pantry. Both of which have been staple resources for the TCC student body. 


The votes for both items on the senate agenda for the past senate meetings were met with a unanimous vote for funding as well as brainstorming on ways to refill the shelves and further provide items for the Thanksgiving holidays as well as grant both resources to continue providing for the TCC student body. 

As we are sure most of you are wondering on the progress with another agenda that was brought before the senate and sparked a good deal of conversation. The idea of a mascot change from the Titan to the Canadian goose has been going through quite a few changes as discussions continue on gathering student body opinions on how they feel about the mascot change. 


If you would like to voice your opinion on the topic for the senate to consider feel fret use form below and have your voice heard!

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