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TLOU 2 Remastered: This was right on time for 2024

Post apocalyptic themed games have always been one of my favorite genres to try out different games. It was initially what brought me to the TLOU franchise. Apart from the storyline that allows you to dive into the depths that people would go to in a world where death and chaos is a part of the world these characters live in, both The Last of Us (2013/2015), TLOU: Left Behind(2014) along with it's equally (if not more) successful sequel TLOU2 which was released in 2020 are must play games for anyone looking to try something new and horrifying. The genre also adds an extra layer of depth and a few (not so well received) twists in the games story that is rare in the gaming industry today. It gets even better after the remastered version was released on the PS5 console (sorry Xbox players 😫) last year.

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Photo courtesy of Naughty Dog LLC

Of course few people want to shell out half of their rent for a first gen console (please don't do that), when you can simply play the original on PS4. For those of you with PS5's and having never played this game before, do yourself a favor and put this on your to play list, oh and bring tissue. This game can bring out tears in any hardcore gamer. It's worth noting that during my research into the development of the game in comparison to what players received as a finished product goes to show the level of quality Naughty Dog pushes for. There were delays due to staffing shortages, delays due to COVID-19 where the majority of the development team had to work remotely (ah yes, the good ole working remotely days... 😂), and the game tested the limits of the PS4 console as Naughty Dog added larger environments, with more enemies and some interesting environmental mechanics that helped it stand apart from other post apocalyptic game genres. 

In creating TLOU 2 the developers also took the initiative in the equity and diversity space to present diverse voices into the story of the game, where most other games aren't very diverse in the make up of its characters, TLOU 2 was careful to include characters from other communities all diverse in their own right. Not every black or POC character was a copy and paste version of the next, and the hero (or anti-hero) was part of the LGBTQ community. By presenting characters that truly represent the diverse world in which we live Naughty Dog's commitment to creating a game that a diverse audience could enjoy shines as a true accomplishment in the gaming industry.

Probably one of the most frustrating boss battles for many TLOU 2 fans was tackling the "Rat King" in the Ground Zero chapter.

A word on the above game play. While most of the chapters of TLOU 2 were challenging, and required multiple tries to get to subsequent chapters of the game, defeating the boss known amongst TLOU 2 fans as the 'Rat King' was a notable challenge. For those of you unfamiliar with it, the Rat King is 10 feet, 300-ish pounds of infected muscle that barrels at you no matter what's in its way. I actually ran out of ammo on several play throughs and left to run around praying to the gaming gods to bless me with some shotgun shells... wooden plank, or anything that might make me feel like I shouldn't just start the chapter over.

While the remastered version won't add anything new to the game in terms of content, what it will add in the overall visual feel and enhanced gameplay makes it a remake that while it feels too soon will be very much welcome.

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