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Elite Dangerous

Whether you choose to be the villain or the hero in your story is totally up to you in this modern version of a classic MMO where the entire universe is your playground!

If you're new to the whole space flight simulation genre, check out some gameplay to give you a sense of what the game is about courtesy of Writing Elite Gaming

As one of the most popular space flight simulation games, Elite Dangerous has been under a little bit of fire from fans of the genre over the messy release of it's Odyssey update, which would have given players the ability to move around planet surfaces and space ports in FPS style play. The unfortunate news for console players was that they wouldn't get to experience that update as Frontier decided to forego future development of the game for consoles to concentrate on the PC version. Despite that bit of bad news Elite Dangerous remains an epic open world, space exploration and economy game; were players can forge thier own paths.  

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