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TCC Sustainable Garden 

The TCC Sustainability Garden helps to not only provide delicious and fresh veggies to our campus but also connect us back to the land as we grow foods we sometimes take for granted. 

Let's be honest, produce at many of the grocery stores have been either badly damaged, frozen before being placed on produce sales floors; or ripen quickly after getting them home.

After having taken the time out to walk through the Sustainability garden reminded me of when I was a kid and my parents, along with myself and siblings helped to take care of the green beans, cabbage, and okra we grew in our garden. 

Apart from the nostalgia of the experience I grew up with there's also the benefit to nature that comes from a garden for pollinators in the area that are able to do their thing. 

And you my fellow Titans can also share in that experience, get your hands a little dirty, and enjoy some good music, food and maybe even win some prizes. so be sure to stop by the TCC Sustainability Garden's Celebration on Thursday, Oct. 13 1pm - 3pm in parking lot K!

A Quick Intro To The Sustainability Club

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