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Phi Theta Kappa

President -  Kailey Lawless

Vice President TBH

Treasurer/Secretary - Deanna

Advisors - LaRon Horseherder

                         Polly Robinson

How to join

  1. Write an Email to the PTK President or Advisor.

  2. Title your email "Phi Theta Kappa".

  3. Tell them that you would like to join the Phi Theta Kappa & include your full name (as it appears on your student records, student id number, home address, preferred email, and phone number. 

PTK president Kailey_edited.jpg

Mission Statement

Endorse and promote the 4 pillars of phi theta Kappa; Leadership, Scholarship, Fellowship and Service. PTK meets in the Club hub every 2nd Thursday of the month 3pm - 4:30pm and also holds it's weekly committee meeting every Monday at 3pm

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