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Celebrating Black Art and Artist

African Americans have in our history a sort of long standing battle with how we are represented within many areas of media and art. It goes without saying that African Americans have had to combat negative caricatures of ourselves in everything from political cartoons, minstrel shows from the early to mid 1900's, and a lack of positive representation in motion pictures and digital media. 


Listen (Date: Unknown)

Mixed media

The TCC Black Arts and Black Artists  Exhibit is a great way to connect with Black artist and their art work they create. I recently attended one of the gallery talks featuring Jasmine Brown, whose work is featured in places like Frye Museum of Art and the Wing Luke Museum amongst many others. During her Artist talk Jasmine shared some of her inspiration for many of the works of art she created as well as the success and challenges she encountered along the way. 

Much of Jasmine's work features a political statement to social issues, for example her mixed media work Listen, was inspired by an African proverb that characterizes the tradition of elders teaching the young.

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