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A Great Game to Keep the Halloween Spirit(s) Going!

With Halloween right around the corner It would be interesting what gamers on campus have on their to-play list to raise goosebumps, and have a night full of jumps and terror filled shocks. However, I'd like to take a different approach this Halloween. Rather than playing your favorite survivor horror game where you're running around trying to avoid everything that goes bump in the night, why not be that horror and have some fun while doing it. 


Check out the gameplay

There haven't been many memorable stand alone titles for the Friday the 13th franchise, as matter of fact I can only recall  Friday the 13th on the NES as a title that sticks out most over the 2 fairly good PC titles that were released after it. However with Friday the 13th: the Game - which was released in 2017, you get a much bloodier and close to the movie franchise feel. You still have the option to play as either a camp counselor (good luck with that 😂), or as Jason himself, with a wide array of abilities to track, hunt and kill your prey. Stalk from the shadows, scare your targets and kill them when the time is right in as brutal a fashion as you can imagine. And if you've never had the opportunity to play, but love all things Jason this current Friday the 13th title gives you not only quick but fun action, but also the opportunity to change Jason's appearance from the all the canon movie sequels. 

and now for the (slightly) bad news...

Unfortunately for those of us that have played the game for a reasonable length of time and enjoyed teaming up with friends and family in multiplayer, that will come to and end as Gun Media, publishers of the game have moved to have the game delisted, and no longer have it listed for sale. For those of you that have purchased the game prior to this news, don't worry you have until December to get your last bit of fun from it. 

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