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“The Great Balancing Act: Finding Balance between College, Work and Family.” 

Congrats we've all made it through the first month of Winter Quarter and if you aren’t feeling the pressure of maintaining a good balance between everything going on in your life, your either some kind of guru or just not planning on  going to class ( please don't do that). For many of us as students it can be difficult to maintain a healthy balance between our course work, jobs (if working) and personal lives and family.  

That might sound like some rather negative news to start this article off with, but it doesn't have to be all gloomy, there are solutions to finding the right kind of balance for you. So if you don't have a fully thought out plan coming into this quarter, take a deep breath and keep reading. It just takes a little bit of thinking outside of the box and the willingness to communicate your needs and follow through with actions that will make the road to having a successful winter quarter easier. To help get you started here are a few tips that’s worth considering. 

                                                               Finding Balance Solutions:  


  1. Plan ahead.

       Yeah, planning ahead is should always be first on your to do list, I personally like combing through my classes syllabus and taking notes on what will be expected of me. It would be interesting to know, how many of us go back to glance at that syllabus when planning the weeks ahead. 


  2. Stay on schedule.

     Planning ahead is awesome and a great way to break down tasks that clumped together would seem overwhelming. Yet as life would have it, 'everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth'. Needless to say college life is plagued with potential distractions that can throw us off course with what was originally planned. Yet for whatever rocks may be thrown in your path, strive to stay on schedule. Honestly there's no easy button for this, 

  3. Build a support system.

      Which brings us to our next bit of advice, we all need a support system. The past couple of years have been difficult in getting back to normal and the stress of everything going on around us in the world as well as in our personal lives we shouldn't be expected to deal with alone. 

  4. Focus on your goals. 



While all some of these ideas might not fit, feel free to try them out or even alter them, mix and match them and explore resources on campus. Your OSE team among the many other valuable resources on campus are always available to help assist you, and point you in the right direction. That’s what fellow students do for one another after all. We are on the same path to greatness together.  

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