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Senate Briefing: Mascot Change

For our second Senate meeting senators and ASTCC student leaders had the opportunity to hear and weigh in on a unique presentation for a mascot change. Interested in learning more, then read on.

Goose mascot / Titan mascot change presentation. 

Alex Martens and Sean Renning. 

“A Humble Geesis”  

Alex Martens and Sean Renning presented an interesting and unique idea for a mascot change as well as bringing to light what a mascot is and what it represents. First they called into question whether the term "Titan" and the emblem it is used to represent (a spartan helmet) was a suitable mascot for TCC with its connotations of violence which don't represent the spirit of the TCC student body. After all none of us have 'actually seen a titan before.'.


The Canadian Goose as a replacement. 


 A better and more representative mascot for TCC according to Alex and Sean would be the Canadian Goose, which many of us here on campus are quite familiar with. Their reasoning behind the Canadian goose as a choice presents some ideas to reflect on:

  • Opens up better marketing options as the Canadian goose is considered a strong and noble creature, and more tangible to a modern interpretation. 

  • Removes negative historical connotations. 

  • Better aligns with objectives of diversity and inclusion. 

Quite naturally with such a momentous change for the student body prospective and current Senators presented their best questions to further decide how to move forward.

Umu: Would this change the whole school 

 Alex: Yes 

Aru: (Agrees with much of the presentation) “How much would it cost to make the changes necessary” 

Alex: It wouldn’t be a top priority to immediately change everything but we do not have an exact price estimate. 

George: (Appreciates the enthusiasm) I'm old school and see the Titan as a very strong and powerful mascot. Titans were warriors who fought for what they believed in. 

Alex: Believes that the goose is a good representation of the student body. We are going to do polling for the titan and so far data from the google form shows that students would want to change the mascot. 

Josh (Guest): The military aspect of titans is something that should be proud of as there are multiple local military bases and veterans. 


Alex: Agrees with this statement but a majority of students do want to change the Mascot. 

Senate Training Overview/Training

Following the presentation Senate Advisor Sonja Morgan presented prospective Senators with an overview and training as new senators. Which was then followed by a look at unfinished business as well as public comments on past presentations on previous agenda senators and guests wanted to address. For public comments each speaker was allowed 2 minutes.

Are we going to vote on the pods (we will vote next week) 

Senator Hoyte- The cons for the pods outweigh the pros. There could be people will malicious motives could abuse the privacy pods and possibly hurt others. TCC would be held liable for any damages. We should consider giving the pods a trial before implementing the actual pods. With all these buildings, rooms can be modified to have a privacy pod. There is so much that could go wrong.


Alex Martens (Guest)- Dedicating a classroom or other rooms in place of the privacy pod will be a much better option. 

Senator Hoyte- There could be many loopholes which could be exploited with these privacy pods. We should be extremely precautious. If we do vote in favor of these pods, we should only vote for one. It would be better to modify a room. It is a very private place which could be exploited. 

Regarding the committees, there is overlap between the committees and the MESA program so there is potential for working with them.


Regarding the security of the pods, access services could list a key for people with disabilities that way they could limit who goes in. 

Senator Hoyte- We cannot trust people to keep up with moral standards.

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