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Senate Meeting 10-05-22

Our very first ASTCC Senate meeting was an exciting beginning to the ASTCC Student government leaders jumping in and getting  with hearing the concerns of the student body.

After introductions of ASTCC government leaders and Senators was given ASTCC leaders presented to senators and visitors their proposal that recently was placed on the WSA agenda to move forward to being further discussed as legislation. The bill, headed by ASTCC President Madeline is a much needed piece of legislation that will further help tackle the challenge of providing funding for assistance for students facing housing instability. 

ASTCC Vice President of Finance and Clubs Davis Mutegaya and ASTCC Secretary Martell Naranjo also shared the work that the ASTCC has been doing in getting TCC to becoming a member of WSA which will be left up to a campus wide vote in the near future. If successful, TCC will be one of two Community/Technical Colleges that will be represented and able to further have a voice amongst 4 year Universities. 

Clubs in Attendance

Here is a list of the clubs that were in attendance during the first Senate meeting:

DnD Club


Titan Sustainability Garden

Sky Meditation Club

Asian Pacific Islander Club

Nursing Club

Privacy Pod presentation

Belinda with the Nursing club brought a proposal before the senate highlighting the benefits of Privacy pods for for nursing student mothers and neurodivergent students to have a place where they can have the necessary space for privacy that they seldom would in other spaces on campus. The proposal further asked for assistance of purchasing 2 privacy pods which ranged in price from $7,000 - $14,000. As the topic was discussed further amongst senators a couple of alternatives were also proposed, such as the use of spare classrooms, the meditation room located in Bldg. 11 as well as safety and security issues surrounding the use or misuse of the privacy pods. 

BSU presentation

BSU brought made a presentation requesting assistance for their personal items drive, which works to provide the student body with personal hygiene items and kits. What was inspiring about this presentation is that the former president of the BSU urged for the current president to keep it going as it proved to not only be a success during the Pandemic, but continues to be a valuable resource to the student body. The BSU's request for funding from the student body is $6,000 for the 2022 -2023 academic year.

Getting more involved on campus through Clubs

Also presented before the senate was the many ways students can get involved with and play a crucial role on campus helping represent students. Currently there are open positions for students to join. committees, as well as become senators. To find out more stop by the Office of Student Engagement in Bldg. 11 (upstairs).

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