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Palestinian Solidarity Club

The Palestinian Solidarity club works to share the beauty of Palestinian culture as well as promoting conversations surrounding the issues of peace in the West Bank. 

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As one of the world's most enduring and brutally enduring conflicts. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has seen no end to the amount of turmoil and oppression that noncombatant Palestinians have had to endure. From rising unthinkable levels of poverty, urban warfare waged between the Israeli military and Hamas where countless men, women and children of all ages have either lost their lives, and the lives of loved ones, or have had their lives changed. 

The violence that the rest of the world witnesses on a continuing basis tends to over shadow the beauty of Palestinian culture. One rich in history, language, literature and art. By joining the Palestinian Solidarity Club, you have the opportunity to discuss the pertinent  issues surrounding the conflict and dive a little deeper into the beauty of Palestinian culture. 


Farrah Bayan:

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