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Editor's Picks

Gaming for many of us is the ultimate escape, after all being successful in college is a beast in and of itself. Everyone has a different method to kick back and unwind. For gamers that quite naturally involves diving deep into our favorite games. And as diverse as the gaming world is, so are the gamers we encounter on campus. You can't call yourself a true gamer if you aren't willing to share with others the games that helped you de-stress after some intense classes and mind numbing homework. This page we'll keep you updated with games you'll want to play and continue playing time and time again... just keep those grades up!

Elite Dangerous

This is a true editors pick, mainly because, well I picked it. If you haven't played this space exploration gem before or are a veteran pilot looking for an excuse to come back after the disappointing Odyssey update for console players, this section has all the info you'll need.



I had some reservations about this game being in the editors picks, but after spending some time with it I've found several good reasons anyone looking for a relaxing, out of this world adventure should give it a try.



If you're looking for a new challenge and your regular beat 'em games aren't cutting it; prepare yourself for a whole new experience with Sifu.

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Modern Warfare II  | Warzone

I know, I know not this tired old franchise again. Players that take up space in team death matches, cheaters still finding new ways to cheat, and campers around every corner. Yet for all its 'charm', COD is still an FPS that you can use to focus all your frustration on... it's even better if you know how to shoot.

Millitary Soldier

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge

Not very many gamers on campus will remember the good ole days of gaming before game consoles ruled every house in America as well as online gaming being the new trend. We had this little piece of nostalgia called arcades, were young and old gathered to kick each other's butt gaming one quarter at a time. 

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