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Combatting Student Food Insecurity

Volunteers at Food Bank

Imagine a having a full schedule of classes, tons of reading and homework, and little to eat. Many of us can relate to busy class and work schedules, we can manage our days fairly well on the countdown to the weekend, where we plan to relax and enjoy some downtime with family and friends. Yet there are our fellow classmates, faculty and staff that struggle with food insecurity which makes their success much more difficult.

This is a well known challenge for fellow students that both through the work of OSE and the work of Food Pantry Coordinator Candice Wheeler are working to highlight this awesome resource that is for everyone on campus and even within the community finding themselves facing food insecurity.


Granted as college students most of us can do so some pretty amazing things with a package of Ramen noodles a sprinkle of right spices and other ingredients... best noodles you'll ever have! However, there are those of us lacking the ability to have healthier food options which translates to issues that threaten thier health and academic success. Not only does the Titan Food Pantry provide perishable and non perishable food items, but also items such as diapers and pull ups, kitchen supplies (bowls, cups, utensils), and personal hygiene items. It's such a wonderful resources striving to meet the needs of anyone on campus who needs it, and even if you don't need anything at the present time, you can contribute as well and help to bless a campus community member. 

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