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Umu Tarawally (She/Her)
Event and Action Team Leader

As a member of OSE's Event and Action Team Leaders, Ummu helps to create content, events, social media postings, and form contacts within TCC and the larger community to provide a sense of belonging and a connection to the Tacoma Community College. She further strives to address areas such as community networking, diversity and equity needs, helping to support fellow students in their journey here at TCC . 

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"Who says a dream must be something grand? Just become anybody. We deserve a life, whatever; big or small, you are you after all." 

- "Paradise" by BTS

Ummu considers her favorite place on campus to be the cafeteria, because it is a nice place to chill, hang out with friends and meet new people. “(For me) there is always something to look forward to. While her area of study is Pre-Nursing, and she’s always ready to dive deep into conversations about biology (No, kidding; there was a 2 hour debate on what made twins genetically different), her favorite classes taken so far have been Psychology 100 and 200. What makes Ummu a good leader is the experience of being faced with many challenges here at TCC and through that experience she’s able to be a guide for newer students to prevent them from making similar mistakes. Ummu further would like to involve more departments into campus events, such as the athletics department and clubs into OSE’s list of events.


While we have yet to hear her sing, Ummu’s interests and hobbies include singing, dancing, baking, reading and painting. Of course if you happen to play “Bum Bum” by Yemi Alade, that should get her dancing. The one thing she wishes she knew when first starting at TCC is the abundant variety of resources available to students on campus.


To learn more about upcoming events stop by the Collaboratory or contact Ummu for more info.


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