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Jazmin Washington (She/Her)
Collaboratory Ambassador

As a member of our Collaboratory team Jazmin helps to create a a large variety of content and events that serve to connect students and provide a sense of belonging and a connection on campus. Making the Collaboratory into not simply another space to study, but one where students want to be on campus. The Collaboratory team also works hard to assist fellow students with community networking, diversity and equity needs, 

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"I was a fighter, a gladiator; I walked into situations prepared to fight. That's all I knew. That's how I survived. Now I walk into situations prepared to love. Do that, and watch how everything changes."

-Mike Tyson

As a matter of fact Jazmin's favorite place to be is the OSE, let’s face it; it’s always filled with good energy and you never leave hungry! Jazmin’s area of study is psychology, and after TCC her plan is to become an Art Psychotherapist working with children of color. Jasmin lists her favorite class taken so far as STARS, which is a learning community with Professor Reid, Professor Bell, and Dr. Cho. “Hands down the best 3 classes combined into 1 ever!”.


Like many students she’s had her fair share of struggles with financial aid, housing and was able to prevail and with the lessons from those experiences she plans to use to those experiences in her work as collaboratory ambassador to help as many students as possible. Her favorite place to eat is Subway, and just to get her day going properly she listens to “Dedication” by Nipsey Hustle.


To learn more about events happening in the Collaboratory contact Jazmin


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