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Martell “The Boss” Naranjo (He/Him/His)

Martell is our ASTCC Secretary and supports student government by recording and maintaining the storage of documents relevant to the group they work with, and keeping written evidence that an event took place, or proof of the decisions that were made. 

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“Live a life of purpose and meaning”

  -Martell Naranjo

No stranger to student politics, Martell's favorite class to date has been Political Science 202. A part of what he feels makes him a good representative for TCC students is being a good listener, and someone who willfully voices the concerns of his fellow students. So his goal as ASTCC Secretary will also encompass helping to create a strong campus community where the needs of students are the central focus.


Martell's favorite foods are fried chicken and Tamales, and his hobbies and interests include football; basketball, cars and swimming. One thing Martell wishes he knew about when starting at TCC is OSE itself; because it’s a way for students to help other students. It's no surprise that While jump scares are a real fear of his, “Thriller” by Micheal Jackson is one of his favorite songs to get his day going. After TCC Martell's plans will be to transfer to UW before moving on to law school.


Get in touch with Martell for what's happening on and around campus  


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