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Aru Moore (They/Them)
ICC Student Ambassador

As our ICC Student Ambassador, Aru is the representative not only for OSE, but also for the entire student body. Aru in their role upholds, advocates, and represents the diverse student voices on the campus through OSE events, Student Government, Student Outreach, board meetings, in the community by planning and facilitating the Identity, Culture, and Community (ICC) Workshops throughout the year.

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"Every time someone throws a rock at us, we need to give them rose back, because love is the only antidote against hate. 

- Jacinto Convit (Venezuelan physician and scientist)

  Their favorite place to be on campus is the Japanese garden because it’s always a quiet and peaceful place to relax and be in contact with nature. Aru's love for diversity and exploring culture brought her into the field of Anthropology and they plan to transfer to a 4 year university after TCC - where she’ll be working with the indigenous people of her country. As a proud queer Venezuelan they plan to bring more awareness to our campus resources and create a ICC workshop where students can learn more about other cultures and people. In case you're wondering, their favorite foods are Arepas, Indomie noodles and fried plantains.


  They are a talented artist who loves drawing, painting, video games and being out in nature - their only fear is of heights. If there’s one thing they wish they had known it’s that you don’t have to be alone in this by yourself when everyone is rooting for you. To get thierself pumped Aru enjoys listening to Salsa and Merengue music, and if you catch them on a good day she might catch them dancing when they think no one is looking. 

To learn more about ICC and upcoming events contact Aru.


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