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Mark Lagaf (He/Him)
Collaboratory Ambassador

Mark as a Collaboratory Ambassador helps to create a a large variety of content and events that serve to connect students and provide a sense of belonging and a connection on campus. Making the Collaboratory into not simply another space to study, but one where students want to be on campus. The Collaboratory team also works hard to assist fellow students with community networking, diversity and equity needs.

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"Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep balance, you must keep moving."


- Albert Einstein

As someone who loves to meet and make connections with people you’ll find Mark in his favorite place to be on campus, the cafeteria of course. It’s where he’s met most of his friends and is looking forward to meeting many more. Fun and easy to connect with Mark’s goals as a student leader this year is to help as many students as he can have a successful year. His area of study is Radiologic Technology, and after TCC Mark plans to pursue his Bachelor's degree. A place that he would like to highlight for students the most is Casa Mecca, which if you're not familiar with it has a host of useful resources, from financial aid to emergency funding for housing and utilities. If you ever need to find him in the collaboratory, just follow the sounds of Afrobeats.


To learn more about events happening in the Collaboratory contact Mark


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