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Branton Waitkiki (He/Him)
Club Outreach Leader

As our Club Outreach leader Branton is the voice for clubs by advocating for, and communicating with Student Clubs on Campus. In this role Branton helps to build a roster of clubs for the student body to participate in and assist Student Clubs with events, meetings, actions, and encouraging participation in OSE activities. 

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"Nonviolence, choose love instead of hate."

- MLK Jr.

As Branton’s area of study is Bio-Med, his favorite place on campus to be is Bldg. 13 as it reminds him of the type of work environment he’ll be spending his days as a Doctor. If you were to ask him what his favorite class so far is it would most definitely be Bio 160, (and just so you know he was one of the instigators of OSE’s infamous twin debate.) An avid gamer whose favorite titles are Jump Force and Call of Duty alongside some wings and burritos - it’s always a party with this guy. As a student leader Branton is looking forward to making sure each student has access to the various resources available on campus, it’s been something that he wished he had more information on when first starting TCC. When not in class you’ll usually find Branton around campus jamming to Juice WRLD.

To learn more about up coming clubs or to start one of your own contact Branton


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