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Davis Mutegaya (He\Him)
Vice President of Finance and Clubs

As Vice President of Finance and Clubs, Davis oversees our student body's budgets. In addition to tracking what is spent, Davis prepares budget recommendations and trains club officers and advisors in the S&A Funds request process so they can successfully navigate it.

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“There is a war going on. The battlefield is the mind, and the prize is the soul. So, be careful. Be very careful.”



Due to his artistic and peaceful nature Davis' favorite place to be is the green circle and currently his favorite classes are Math. As a people person who enjoys having the opportunity to engage with fellow students, he hopes to bridge the gap between students and their expectations from the campus. One interesting thing he would like for fellow students to know about him is that he can play several musical instruments.


In his free time when he isn't dominating the soccer field or a bowl of fried rice, you'll also find him asleep. To get his day off on a good start he likes listening to Very Well - Slick Stuart & Roja. Something he wishes he had when starting at TCC is about the countless resources offered to students here at TCC. After TCC Davis plans to complete his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.


Get in touch with Davis for what's happening with ASTCC and around campus.  


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