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Madeline Sprute
ASTCC President

 Madeline serves as ASTCC's President, and is the face and voice representing student opinions before the Board of Trustees, college committees, faculty, staff, administration, and other college forums. In collaboration with advisors, she leads, motivates, provides vision, and supports her fellow student leaders as they set and achieve goals for the upcoming year.

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“The last of human freedoms: to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one's own way. And there were always choices to make.”


 - Viktor Frankl

As she explores our beautiful campus in search of a favorite spot. So far, Madeline's favorite class has been BUS150: Global Business. Madeline believes it is important to represent student voices and needs in her role as ASTCC President, and this makes her an effective representative. Dedicated to serving in a way that emphasizes student voices and meets the needs of the student body and college leadership, and listening to "Dirty" by Grandson to get her day going. Moreover, Madeline brings 7 years of line cooking experience to her role as president, where precision and attention to detail are essential. A lover of sweets, she always keeps candy in reach.


As part of her hobbies, she is studying Arabic. Despite her fear of heights, drowning, spiders, and other insects with wings, she loves bees. She wishes she had known how to get more involved on campus when she started at TCC. 


Get in touch with Madeline for what's happening with ASTCC and around campus  


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