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Climate Crew Club

The goal of the Climate Crew Club is twofold: 

1) To educate and empower TCC students to take charge in changing local environmental policy by hosting Tacoma-based environmental activists and educators to give them the tools to choose a better and greener future.    

 2) To get TCC students to engage and learn about their local environment by going out into nature on weekend group trips to nearby locations using school-funded low-impact public transportation. Once there, we will learn about the local flora and fauna, collect litter, and just enjoy the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

By becoming a member of the Climate Crew Club you will help bring us closer to meeting these goals both on campus and in the surrounding community.

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Reach out to the Climate Crew Club to Join Today!

Club Outreach Specialist

Branton Waitiki:

Climate Club Secretary

Blake Berghammer

Climate Crew Club President

Ramiro Marquez

Climate Club Advisor

Adrienne Scarcella 

Climate Crew Club Vice President 

Madisyn Mesa

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