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Titan Parents Club

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn!

We are here to connect with students who are parenting or have an interest in how parenting intersects with their journey as students.

Happy Family

Our style of parenting can have a variety of outcomes for our children, while for us as parents - it may imply how well our children view and follow our lead as parents. For children, especially very young children the specific parenting style we use can shape the way they view themselves and the world in which they interact.

Interested in joining the Titans Parent Club? Feel free to contact Titans Parent Club today to learn more!

Branton Waitiki

Clubs Outreach Specialist

Titan Parent Club President

Belinda Laju

Titan Parent Club Secretary

Chyna Lloyd

Titan Parent Club Vice President

Courtney Collier

Titan Parent Club Advisor

Rosy Schlitzkus

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